2nd Annual Pet Expo

STAR attended the 2nd Annual Pet Expo at the Holiday Inn, Binghamton on Sunday April 26th.

There were two full rooms of vendors as well as many demonstrations to take in. Vendors included local veterinary offices, event sponsors, local pet supply and grooming shops, trainers- pretty much everything a pet lover could ask for. While it was overwhelmingly focused on dogs and cats, we did see Equine Therapy represented, as well as exotics.
We spent some time with BCART (Broome County Animal Response Team) and are looking forward to finishing our certification with them and working to combine our resources. We also met the director of the Humane Society which was a wonderful opportunity since both of our groups are working adoptions hours at the Vestal PetSmart.
Every Dog’s Dream was gracious with their time and we are looking forward to seeing how we can work together with them in the future.
It was a day well spent, and we look forward to working with the connections we made. -Enya

A Note from Anna

“I’ve lived with these kittens for awhile now, and can tell how much they have grown. Jenny is teaching herself how to pounce and Drew and Jenny are learning how to use a litter box.

I’m getting more positive about their adulthood every day that I see them. These kittens love hugs, blankets, shoulders and snuggles. These are great kittens.” -Anna


Volunteers Needed

Interested in helping STAR help another community organization?

STAR will again be participating in WSKG’s Radio Drive on Wednesday, April 29th. Volunteers are needed between 3:30pm and 8pm to help answer phones. Volunteers should be knowledgeable in regards to phone etiquette and basic computer use. Contact treasurer@southerntieranimalrescue.org or president@southerntieranimalrescue.org, or call 607-862-6811 if interested in helping out!

Cobalt, Ash, and Crimson

Meet Cobalt, Ash, and Crimson. They are at the ‘teen’ phase of cat-hood- growing into their limbs and personalities and not quite as endlessly active. Well, everyone but Ash, who is determined to keep on keeping on in the active kitten sort of way, has started to settle down.

Come visit Cobalt, Ash, and Crimson, as well as Leo and Mr. Waffles, at the Vestal Petsmart Fridays from 6pm-8pm. If you would like more information on any of our cats, please email adoptions@southerntieranimalrescue.org or call 607-862-6811.

Cobalt Adoption

Ash Adoption

Crimson Adotion

Growing up

It was an evening of milk mustaches as I tried to introduce Drew and Jenny to weaning formula in a dish.


This is the somewhat hilariously messy stage of baby cat. There is a lot of stepping in the dish (and then shaking the offending formula off onto a sibling), a lot of standing in the middle of a puddle of formula looking baffled at what is going on, and eventually the realization that that stuff is tasty. This is also the point where the kittens start to learn about the litter pans.

Raising kittens is not at all a clean job, or one that allows for a lot of sleep. But it can be highly entertaining. Though I might have been more amused by Drew’s formula-face than he was.


The kittens are merrily mobile at this point, and very keen on exploring. They are vocal about their desire to be doing something, and they have incredible purrs.


And they want to explore everything. They are definitely enjoying monitored play time out on their blanket, with new places to clamber into and over, and their first toys.

newbabie11 newbabie09

Drew is the more tentative of the two. Jenny decides where she wants to go and goes.

newbabie13 newbabie10

Both of them are enjoying their play time and definitely starting to look more like 1/10th scale models of proper cats, as opposed to helpless balls of fluff and hunger.  -April

Update from the kitten trenches

Em is one of the members of the foster family taking care of Drew and Jenny. She checked in last night with this report-

“They’re fluffy little balls of trouble. Drew is pretty quiet for the most part, but Jenny meows and meows for attention then tries to talk whenever she’s drinking the bottle. It sounds like a kitten trying to do turkey impression.”


Her sister, Anna, adds-

“These kittens are little balls of fluffiness, adventure, love and fun. Drew is quite snugly and loves being dried. Jenny loves adventuring and climbing. She meows a lot and doesn’t quite enjoy being dried. They are great kittens and I think they will be amazing cats.”


Sounds like things are going about as expected. Un-weaned kittens are demanding little creatures, but it is very rewarding to successfully surrogate them into their awkward toddler period. It sounds like Em, Anna, and family have their hands full, and that Drew and Jenny are developing distinct personalities. -April

Petunia – AKA Tuna-Fish

So amidst the flurry of kitten rescue over the weekend, Petunia went to her new home. I have to say it’s been a little weird without the darling furball running around and tormenting our elder dog, Skye, or helping pull George out of his shell and chasing the red dot with him.

tuna and skye

We have been able to keep in touch with the new family and we’ve gotten reports that she has settled right in – sleeping on her new dad in the middle of the night and letting loose with her incredibly loud purr as well as making good on her ‘I love Dogs’ attitude by attaching herself to their older dog.

It has been less than a week, but we couldn’t be more thrilled that it seems to be going so well.

Tuna had been in our care since July, the longest we have had a foster cat in our care. I’d be lying to say that I didn’t seriously consider adopting her outright myself, especially when her first adoption fell through. She got along great with nearly every animal in our house and was just curious enough to keep us on our toes.

three amigos

That is the hardest part of fostering. The thing is, we all get attached in some way, even if the bundles of fuzz are only in our care for a day or two (see kittens from the weekend, moved now to their foster home). Getting attached – allowing our hearts to open, care for, nurture and love is part of what makes someone able to work as a foster. Being able to let go and let the animal move on to its new home is what makes a exceptional Foster Family.

Let them go we must. (Or there are pointed questions later as my future husband abandons whispering ‘crazy cat lady’ and just flat out tattoos it on my forehead. Awkward! )

So in the spirit of darling Tuna’s successful adoption, I hope to see some friendly faces at PetSmart tonight looking to find their new buddy in one of our several adoptable cats, or possibly a new dog. We look forward to updates from all our adopters and can’t wait to share their good news with our network of awesome followers. And if you think you might have room in your home and your heart to foster, please reach out to us. We get requests daily for help and can only help to the extent we have foster homes available. You can help make a difference in another creature’s life.

Have a very happy, heart-full Friday!  -Enya

tuna in a shirt