Meet our Venerable Sir


Last week STAR met up with community members to look at a stray that was at their home. He was in rough shape- weighing in under 6 pounds and providing a home to an assortment of parasites. But hopefully nothing some love, food, and medication could not solve.

We took Venerable Sir (our fond nickname for the fellow) to Fur and Feathers Veterinary Care, and were again grateful for their willingness to work with our (often unexpected) needs and the care and attention they give our animals.

Sir had already been neutered in the past and tested FIV/FeLV negative. We are working to get his shots up to date, and get some meat on his bones so a stiff wind is less likely to topple him over. And then he has a home to head off to- the folks who contacted us about him in the first place and were willing to contribute towards whatever care he required.

Sir is showing his appreciation by purring up a storm. He is quite the friendly fellow and we are exceedingly pleased he will be alright with some attention and feeding.

National Adoption Weekend

On Friday and Saturday, volunteers with STAR Network participated in PetSmart’s National Adoption Weekend at at our local store in Vestal, NY. We met some really lovely animal lovers, taking applications for our adoptable cats and meeting some potential volunteers.


Among our younger members, sisters Anna and Emily wrangled the cats to go for fun walks around the store. Our newest addition, Dreya, was happy to go and check out the fish tanks and birds in the store.

11071492_862198470500508_4394819614969380260_n 2015-05-16 11.58.00

David Mazur lent a hand Saturday on behalf of ICS Solutions Group, and was a very welcome addition to the team.


It was a great weekend and we are looking forward to our next National Adoption Weekend.

2015-05-16 11.31.38

Introducing Cendreya! 

‘Dreya is an incredibly friendly long-haired feline looking for a new home. When we say friendly, we mean super friendly in the won’t-hold-still-for-pictures-because-she-wants-both-hands-on-her kind of way!

‘Dreya has been an indoor/outdoor cat in the past, but is completely fine being an indoor cat. We’re still doing a personality check with other animals like dogs and cats, but she is thrilled to be around people! Dreya was given a clean bill of health, up to date on her shots, and has been spayed. All she needs is you!
Come down to PetSmart Saturday from 11-3 to meet ‘Dreya and our other adoptable cats!

National Adoption Weekend! 

We will be participating in PetSmart’s National Adoption Weekend beginning tonight from 5pm to 8pm, and we’ll be back in store on Saturday from 11-3.

We’ll have Crimson, Cobalt, Ash and will be debuting our newest addition ‘Dreya on Saturday!
Stop over, say hello, and maybe find a new furry friend!
Ash AdoptionCrimson Adotion
Cobalt Adoption
Meet me in Mikeritaville
Continuing our weekend, we’ll be at Casey’s Restaurant and Bar from 3-7pm on Saturday with awesome pet-happy baskets for raffle! The proceeds from the celebration will be going to to  IRAQ & AFGHANISTAN VETERANS of AMERICA.

Adoptable Pet of the Week- Ash

Hi Everyone!!  My name is Ash. Sometimes my foster mom calls me trouble, but most of the time I just go by Ash.


I love to investigate everything, including the cupboards and closets.  I love finding all the good hiding spots- there are a lot of them and they come in handy when my foster mom’s crazy German Shepherd tries to ‘play’ with me.


I am definitely playful. When the dog chases me I like to get just out of reach and sit there and torment him.  I also like to hide and jump out at the other cats when they walk by. For some reason the old cat doesn’t appreciate it as much as the others do.


Speaking of the other cats in the house- I really love playing with the other cats. And don’t tell anyone I said this, but I kinda like the dog, too.  I think having brothers and sister would be great, feline or canine.  Those human kids are pretty cool too. My foster mom has nephews who come to play with me.


I’m not all fun and games though. I really do love relaxing in your lap at night.  I have a tendancy to demand attention by nibbling on my foster mom’s fingers- she calls them love bites.  I also love to sleep under blankets, sheets, couch covers… basically anything I can get under.


I’d really like to find a home where I can have my own bed and blankets, and maybe even a brother or sister!!!

Rescue Presence in PetSmart

As we are a foster-based organization, with no central shelter, our times at PetSmart are incredibly important to our adoption efforts. We enjoy the opportunity to chat about the animals we have with us, as well as others we have available for adoption, and it gives those animals a chance to get used to being out and about as well.

Jesse and Leo

As of right now, we are at the Vestal PetSmart every Friday from 6pm- 8pm (with hopes of adding more days/hours in the near future). It is a wonderful opportunity to meet the animals we have, as well as our volunteers, and to learn a little more about what it is we do. If you are interested in volunteering, these evenings are an excellent time to stop by and touch base with us.

April with Ash

We will also be at PetSmart for National Adoption Weekend. Friday 5/15 we will be in the store with adoptable animals from 5pm- 8pm, Saturday 5/16 we will be there from 11am- 2pm. Stop by, say hello, meet some of the kids! -April


Trap/Neuter/Spay- Endwell

Our big goal for the rescue this year is to have our Trap Neuter Release program up and running. Working with Alley Cat Allies has been very helpful in getting our core volunteers trained in small one and two trap events – preparation for larger trappings. In general, a Trap is very stressful for the cats, so the more practice we get results in less stress for the cats, as well as for the volunteers and community leads. It also results in better interactions on a whole between STAR, the community, and the felines we are assisting with.

You might have noticed that feral cats are not stupid. While they might like a free meal as much as the next animal, they avoid humans pretty much at all costs. They are especially wary of traps or anything that is new and thus very threatening to their routine. These are not cats that we can take in and adopt out; their home is the outdoors.

Over the past couple of weeks we worked with Donna F. in Endwell, with two females that she had been slowly gaining the trust of. Her efforts with feral cats in the community over the last two years made the trapping nearly flawless – to the point where one of the cats was sleeping in the trap that we had set out so they would become used to seeing the trap there. This was a vast improvement over her attempt to trap them last year, when one of the cats had kittens and as a result was very wary of going near the trap at all.


We picked up the cats in the early hours of Wednesday, and then Thursday morning they had their appointment at Fur and Feathers Veterinary Hospital in Chenango Bridge. We met the staff at Fur and Feathers at the 2nd Annual Animal Expo and were relieved when they could get us two appointments as we initially thought we would trap only one cat!

The surgeries were successful. We provided financial assistance to have the cats fixed, get their rabies shots, and have their ears tipped so that we, and other animal groups, would know that these cats have been fixed and can focus efforts on other animals.

Friday morning we took both cats – nicknamed Callie and Funny Face by Donna – back to their habitat, where they were thrilled to not have anything to do with us anymore! We were hoping to get a video of the cats being returned, but once the doors opened they were off like furry, colored bolts of lightning. Donna called Sunday night to let us know that both Callie and Funny Face were coming back around after staying away for a couple of days. We were pleased to hear that things are returning to normal for everyone.


Successful TNR events like this help keep feral populations healthy, which in turn keeps neighborhoods healthy. Every cat that we can get spayed or neutered means that many fewer kittens ending up on the streets, in shelters, and in your neighborhood.


Many thanks to Donna and Ron as well as Fur and Feathers Veterinary Office for the assistance! ​-Enya